Cascadia Factory Authorized Dealers

What is a Cascadia Authorized Dealer?
Cascadia Factory Authorized Dealers are trusted Video Surveillance Partners. They are a single source for everything from putting together the right products to creating a perfect system, including installation, service and more. When choosing your dealer, look for the Cascadia Factory Authorized Dealer logo. It means your dealer has met our high standards and is backed by Cascadia's 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's a sure sign of an excellent Video Surveillance System Dealer who will give you solid products, years of experience and friendly service. In a perfect world, every purchasing decision you made would be the right one and every new product would work flawlessly. But in the real world, it's not always that easy. Purchasing products from an authorized dealer is one simple way to spare yourself undesirable hassles.

Ask Questions:

  • Will I know for sure that the product I buy will serve my needs?
  • Will I receive support if I have a problem after the sale?
  • Will the manufacturer honor my warranty if I purchase from this vendor?
  • Will I receive the product exactly as I ordered with all included manufacturer accessories?
  • Will the company I purchase from be in business for the foreseeable future?

Authorized dealers offer peace of mind.

Authorized Dealers:

  • Meet Cascadia's standards, from sales to service, in order to receive authorized status.
  • Receive training directly from Cascadia representatives and share that expertise with you.
  • Provide service and support for all the products they sell.
  • Ensure that Cascadia's warranties will be honored.
  • Buy directly from Cascadia and stock products in their own locations.
  • Must prove they observe proper business practices and show fiscal responsibility.

Purchase from a Cascadia Authorized Dealer and protect yourself from potential complications.









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