HDcctv (HD-SDI) Basics

What is HDcctv?

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HD-CCTV video surveillance systems transmit High-Definition Video Images using a Serial Digital Interface (SDI). Coaxial cables are used as the transmission medium. HD-CCTV signals are pure and uncompressed. Therefore, there are no latency issues or any lost packets (frames).

Why is HD-CCTV over Coax (SDI) better quality than IP VGA and IP Megapixel?

     HD-CCTV Digitally transmits the full uncompressed HDTV signal from the camera to the display and/or recording device
     HD-CCTV Image Quality is unsurpassed because the complete image can be captured
     HD-CCTV is transmitted over conventional Coaxial Cable
     HD-CCTV has no packet (frame) loss or latency issues
     HD-CCTV upgrades save installation costs
     HD-CCTV is a Plug-and-Play Solution for Coaxial based CCTV Systems
     HD-CCTV is the next generation of video surveillance technology!

1. Surveillance-Grade Reliability: HD-CCTV does not break up the video into packets (frames) or attempt to transmit the packets (frames) via a network.

2. True HDTV Live View: HD-CCTV does not compress the signal before transmission therefore, no compression image artifacts or frame interruptions are observed.

3. Easy & Low-Cost Upgrade: HD-CCTV does not require any additional infrastructure to deploy. New and existing installations can use CCTV industry standard coaxial cable (RG-59, RG-6 and RG-11). HD-CCTV is designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing Analog CCTV, requiring only changing the camera and the HD-C
CTV capture card.

4. Plug-and-Play Resolution Upgrade: Transition from D1 to HDTV is as easy as replacing Analog Cameras with HD-CCTV Cameras and upgrading the DVRT to accept HD-CCTV signals.

5. HD-CCTV Graphical User Interface (GUI): The HD-CCTV GUI for the installer/operator is almost identical to other S-Series DVRT's. Therefore, the S-Series video tutorials apply also to the HD-CCTV DVRT.

6. True Real-Time Display and Speed Dome Control: HD-CCTV systems do not employ any compression for live viewing. This means the HD-CCTV system operator experiences no delay when viewing live images and there are no latency issues when controlling Speed Domes.

7. Best Possible Input Format for Analytics: HD-CCTV systems deliver crisp pure digital, unaltered video from the cameras to the DVRT for the clearest possible analytics input.


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