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               Quiz Questions


1.  Anyone can access the system and get into the settings or access any part of the DVRT unless ________________ is applied?
(a)  a user ID
(b)  lock setup
(c)  password lock
(d)  a password
(e)  all of the above


2.  Whenever password lock is activated, a _______________ is required to access any of the settings of the DVRT?
(a)  a pass code
(b)  User ID
(c)  User Password
(d)  both (b) and (c)
(e)  all of the above


3.  The most important use of a relay is to:
(a)  sound an alarm
(b)  activate a zone on an alarm panel to notify the central station if one of the cameras turns off
(c)  turn on a light
(d)  lock a door
(e)  none of the above


4.  What will flash when another PC is connected using the remote software?
(a)  backup light
(b)  HDD light
(c)  surveillance mode light
(d)  network light
(e)  none of the above


5.  A camera is recording motion detection when the camera displays what color?
(a)  red
(b)  yellow
(c)  green
(d)  blue
(e)  none of the above

  6.  A camera is recording continuous mode when the camera displays what color?
(a)  red
(b)  yellow
(c)  green
(d)  none of the above
  7.  What items can be renamed to correspond with the appropriate camera?
(a)  camera previews
(b)  camera snapshots
(c)  camera titles
(d)  none of the above

8.  When a PTZ icon is enabled, the PTZ can be moved in any direction by either Right-clicking on the camera screen or by using what other items?
(a)  the graphical user interface
(b)  the pan / tilt / zoom controls
(c)  the detailed pan / tilt / zoom controls
(d)  the optional pan / tilt / zoom window
(e)  all of the above

  9.  Pre-shots and _____________________ can be preset in the DVRT pan / tilt /zoom option window?
(a)  camera number
(b)  speed control
(c)  camera title
(d)  audio volume
(e)  none of the above
  10.  Which PTZ function moves the camera from one preset to the next with a designated dwell time?
(a)  a scheduled preset
(b)  a panoramic
(c)  a continuous pan
(d)  a tour
(e)  none of the above

11.  When viewing any camera full screen, double Right-click anywhere to return to what item?
(a)  previous camera
(b)  GUI
(c)  rotation screen
(d)  current camera
(e)  none of the above


12.  What happens when cameras are dragged from one position and dropped into another?
(a)  the two cameras exchange places
(b)  the cameras switch places temporarily
(c)  the cameras remain even on restarts
(d)  both (a) and (c)
(e)  none of the above


13.  Real Time Audio is a very important security tool because:
(a)  we can use it to hear what you cannot see
(b)  it can be monitored remotely from the internet
(c)  recorded audio is always good for court cases
(d)  both (a) and (b)
(e)  none of the above

  14.  Real Time Audio is a very important tool for training employees because:
(a)  owners and managers can hear their employees conversations with customers
(b)  it can be monitored remotely from the internet
(c)  employees need to hear what their employees talk about
(d)  both (a) and (b)
(e)  none of the above
  15.  What feature is used to replay pre-recorded video simultaneously while viewing the video live?
(a)  Playback Setup
(b)  Instant Replay
(c)  Instant Recording
(d)  Instant Backup
(e)  none of the above
  16.  To save pre-recorded video either as a bitmap or a jpeg, you must do what first?
(a)  fast forward the video to the beginning
(b)  rewind the video to the end
(c)  pause the video
(d)  play the video
(e)  none of the above
  17.  The best application for Instant Replay is to use what type of output?
(a)  a dual monitor
(b)  a TV spot monitor
(c)  an alarm relay monitor
(d)  a single monitor
(e)  none of the above

18.  Which feature allows more than one person/remote location to speak to the DVRT site, as well as, with each other simultaneously?
(a)  emergency recording
(b)  voice recognition
(c)  voice challenge
(d)  voice communication
(e)  none of the above

  19.  Some of the many reasons we need the ability to communicate simultaneously by voice communication to remote locations include what reasons when an alarm occurs?
(a)  the central station can connect automatically to the DVRT
(b)  the central station can view the live images, as well as, listen to live audio
(c)  the central station can use a PTZ camera (if installed) to survey the facility
(d)  the central station can voice challenge the intruder, notify the police or a guard service, and the home owner or business owner
(e)  all of the above

20.  What feature is used to record continuously a preset number of frames from the Live Mode?
(a)  Instant Recording
(b)  Emergency Recording
(c)  Preset Recording
(d)  Playback Recording
(e)  none of the above

  21.  DVRT's are compatible with what type of recording/backup media?
(a)  CD's
(b)  DVD's
(c)  CD-RW and DVD+/-RW
(d)  CD-RW and VHS
(e)  none of the above

22.  From the Live Mode, Left-click Backup to open which feature?
(a)  manual backup
(b)  MMV player
(c)  recording/backup media
(d)  automatic backup
(e)  none of the above


23.  When a  CD-RW is not formatted, you must Left-click the CD-RW Format Button to format the CD-RW. This will take how long?
(a)  about 30 seconds
(b)  approximately 1 hour
(c)  about 10 or 15 seconds
(d)  about 10 or 15 minutes
(e)  none of the above

  24.  A player can be saved to playback the compressed proprietary audio and video therefore, it is not necessary to save the data as what type of file?
(a)  a bitmap
(b)  a large AVI file
(c)  a JPEG
(d)  a wave file
(e)  none of the above
  25.  It is recommended to purchase an additional drive, as an archive for your recordings, rather than recording to the C:\ drive because:
(a)  the operating system resides on the C:\ drive
(b)  the data will be deleted if saved to the C:\ drive
(c)  the DVRT software resides on this C:\ drive
(d)  both (a) and (c)
(e)  none of the above
  26.  In Playback Mode, the default setting shows the first four cameras enabled.  All other cameras have to be enabled in order to:
(a)  save any image to a CD-RW
(b)  view additional cameras
(c)  search video from additional cameras
(d)  both (b) and (c)
(e)  none of the above
  27.  In Playback Mode, enabled cameras are what color?
(a)  yellow
(b)  blue
(c)  black
(d)  purple
(e)  none of the above
  28.  In Playback Mode, disabled cameras are what color?
(a)  yellow
(b)  blue
(c)  black
(d)  purple
(e)  none of the above
  29.  When the screen division plays less cameras than the system has installed, you can switch screen division groups by either:
(a)  selecting the select camera group tab and the camera number
(b)  Left-clicking the screen division tab again
(c)  exiting and restarting the system
(d)  both (a) and (b)
(e)  none of the above
  30. An image can be zoomed in on a target area by drawing an area and Left-clicking zoom in or by just Left-clicking the zoom in button.  This statement is what?
(a)  true
(b)  false
(c)  never true
(d)  always false
(e)  none of the above
  31.  Bookmarks can be retrieved by:
(a)  selecting a specific channel or all channels
(b)  searching a date range
(c)  searching all days
(d)  all of the above
(e)  none of the above
  32.  To open the save image window:
(a)  Left-click backup
(b)  Left-click playback
(c)  Left-click exit
(d)  Left-click the save the image icon
(e)  none of the above
  33.  CD-RWs:
(a)  are compatible media
(b)  must be preformatted before written to
(c)  are cost effective because they can be reused
(d)  all of the above
(e)  none of the above
  34.  In what format can Images and Video be saved/archived?
(a)  a Bitmap
(b)  a JPEG
(c)  an AVI file
(d)  all of the above
(e)  none of the above
  35.  What type of image can be watermarked?
(a)  a Bitmap
(b)  a JPEG
(c)  an AVI file
(d)  all of the above
(e)  none of the above
  36.  AVI files can be saved:
(a)  by frames or by times
(b)  with or without sound
(c)  can be watermarked
(d)  both (a) and (b)
(e)  none of the above
  37.  From the Print Image window:
(a)  you can display the date and time on an image
(b)  increase the number of copies to print
(c)  print more than one image on each page
(d)  enlarge the print size up to four times
(e)  all of the above
  38.  To open Playback Setup automatically when Playback is opened:
(a)  check the Auto-Playback box on the Playback Setup window
(b)  double Left-click the zoom button
(c)  depress the push pin on the playback setup window
(d)  both (a) and (c)
(e)  none of the above
  39.  The camera recording color chart displays recorded data as:
(a)  FPS (Continuous) Recording is green
(b)  Audio Recording is yellow
(c)  Motion Recording is blue
(d)  Sensor-In (Alarm Input) Recording is orange 
(e)  all of the above
  40.  In Playback Setup, the Display Event option allows us to view:
(a)  only audio recording
(b)  only motion recording
(c)  only sensor in (alarm event) recording
(d)  only emergency recording
(e)  all of the above
  41.  Event Search allows you to search for a specific event caused by:
(a)  motion detection
(b)  alarm inputs
(c)  operator error
(d)  both (a) and (b)
(e)  none of the above
  42.  Object Search is used to search for a specific event by:
(a)  using Artificial Intelligence to objectively screen pre-recorded video
(b)  typing in the object name
(c)  by searching and detecting motion within a predefined area of pre-recorded video
(d)  all of the above
(e)  none of the above
  43.  When using Object Search, if the sensitivity is set to low:
(a)  object search will not search for events
(b)  events will not be detected
(c)  additional nuisance events will be displayed
(d)  automatically converts to event search
(e)  none of the above
  44.  The Point of Sale feature (POS Investigator):
(a)  allows you to collect and store data without displaying the information on the screen
(b)  allows you to display the information on the screen while the transaction are taking place
(c)  must display the transaction to record the data
(d)  both (a) and (b)
(e)  none of the above
  45.  The POS Investigator is used to search for video by the:
(a)  transaction ID #
(b)  type of transaction
(c)  type of item sold
(d)  all of the above
(e)  none of the above





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