Features of Tamron IR Lens Series
  • Supports day-to-night surveillance;
  • Ensures high resolution performance;
  • Varifocal lenses and fixed-focal length lenses are prepared;
  • Manual-iris and auto-iris models are available for both Varifocal and fixed focal length lenses;
  • A wide range of lenses consisting of 22 models in ten different optical designs is available;
  • Varifocal lenses cover wide angles of view while realizing high magnification ratios (2.8-11mm);
  • Supports a wide range of surveillance applications by realizing the minimum aperture of F/360 in all DC auto-iris models;
  • Equipped with lock mechanisms.


 Supports Day / Night Surveillance
   Differences between visible light lenses and infrared lenses
Since light dispersion is large due to differences in wavelengths, the positions of focal planes differ in infrared and visible light ranges. This difference in focal planes causes image blur.   With Tamron IR lenses, focal planes for the visible and infrared light ranges are almost the same, which means that the surveillance camera can deliver sharp images in both day and night applications.
   Test Chart Images for Comparison
Daytime (without using floodlight)
Photo A: Daytime (without using floodlight)
With non-IR-compatible lens (using 850nm floodlight)
Picture B: With non-IR-compatible lens
(using 850nm floodlight)
With IR-compatible lens (using 850nm floodlight)
Picture C: With IR-compatible lens
(using 850nm floodlight)

 High Resolution Performance
   High image quality by the employment of aspherical lens elements  (in Model 13VM2811ASVR and Model 13VG2811ASIR)
 Aspherical lens elements used in the optical system ensure high resolution and high contrast performance over the entire focal length range.

 Compensation for Spherical Aberration (schematic diagram)
Compensation for Spherical Aberration

 Equipped with Lock Mechanisms
   Tamron CCTV lenses are equipped with lock mechanisms for zoom and focus control rings, respectively (for iris control rings as well in case of manual-iris models) to make their use ideal in environment suffering from position shifts due to excessive vibrations or tampering after installation.

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