Central Monitoring Software

Video Management Software

(Analog + HD-SDI + IP)
Hybrid Extreme NVR

  32 Analog Video Channels
  960 IPS Record (720x480 - D1)
  960 IPS Display (720x480 - D1)
32 Analog Audio Channels

  8 HD-SDI Video Channels
  240 IPS Record (1920x1080 - 1080p)
  240 IPS Display (1920x1080 - 1080p)
1 HD-SDI Audio Channel
  8/16 Alarm Inputs (Optional)
  8/16 Relay Outputs (Optional)

  w/ DVD-RW
64 Total Channels*

Hardware Compression
0 Images Per Second Recording (Analog)
960 Images Per Second Display (Analog)

Analog Video Channels (Camera Inputs)
32 Audio Channels (Analog) - Line Inputs
8 HD-SDI Video Channels (Camera Inputs)
240 Images Per Second Recording (HD-SDI)
240 Images Per Second Display (HD-SDI)

1 Audio Channel (HD-SDI) - Line Input
8/16 Alarm Inputs and Relay Outputs (Optional)
Dynamic IP Compatible

Two Way Audio
Central Monitoring Software (CMS)
POS and Watermark Software
Windows 7 - 64bit Operating System
Kinetic Timeline and Thumbnail Search Features
RAID Storage System Compatible
90 Day Advance Replacement Warranty
Four Year Parts and Labor Depot Warranty
*Expandable up to 64 Total Channels (using SD or
  HD-SDI Capture Cards and/or IP Cameras)
*IP Camera Software Licenses Sold Separately

HX-Series Brochure VMS Manual CMS Manual Specifications **Warranty


    Cascadia Video Products, LLC.