Journal of Business (A Sharper Security View) - Spokane, WA
-- January, 2012

Cascadia Releases it's Hybrid IP and Super Hybrid DVRT's
-- May, 2011

Cascadia Creates the "World's First" Super Hybrid DVRT (HD-SDI/IP/Analog)
-- December, 2010

Cascadia Creates the 4-Channel HD-SDI DVRT
-- October, 2010

Cascadia Releases a 0.5 Lux Color HD-SDI Camera
-- September, 2010

Cascadia Creates the Hybrid IP DVRT
-- May, 2010

Cascadia Releases a Lineup of 1.3 Megapixel IP Cameras
-- December, 2010

Cascadia Releases a 30 IPS (D1 - 720 x 480) De-interlaced IP Video Server
-- October, 2010

Cascadia Unveils the 2010 Dealer Communication Portal 
-- January, 2010

Cascadia Releases Embedded DVRT's using H.264 Technology
-- December, 2009

Cascadia Releases Cameras Using SONY Super HAD CCD II Technology
-- September, 2009

Cascadia's CEO Purchases all Existing Member Shares of Cascadia Video Products, LLC
-- August, 2009

Cascadia Partners with the World's Largest SONY CCD buyer
-- April, 2007

Cascadia Releases DVRT's w/ Real Time Display
-- July, 2006

Cascadia Trains Dealers and Distributors Using Online Tutorials and Quizzes
-- March, 2006

Cascadia Video Products Creates the S-Series PC DVRT Online Tutorials and Quizzes
-- December, 2005

DICE Central Station Software Integrates with Cascadia's DVRT's
-- June, 2005

Cascadia Releases the S-Series PC DVRT's
-- May, 2005

Cascadia Video Products Purchases 12,000 sq. ft. Building in Cheney, WA
-- June, 2003

Cascadia Video Products Releases New Line of Cost Saving Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Products
-- June, 2003

Cascadia Video Products Introduces Central Station Monitoring Software - IVM Client
August, 2002

Cascadia Video Products Releases New and Improved DVRT's
July, 2002

Cascadia Video Products Partners with Anixter to Provide Products to "GSA Advantage"
July, 2002

Cascadia Video Products Eyes Expansion
Security Systems News - April, 2001

Security Camera System Maker… Shift In Focus Spurs Growth
-- Journal of Business - March 8, 2001

AltSys, LLC Purchases Cascadia Systems, LLC of Idaho
July, 2000


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