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HR-Series / HDH-Series / HDR -Series
 Software & Manuals
DVR Client Software MAC Client for DVR
DVR Quick Guide
DVR User Manual
Factory Reset

HDRP-Series / HDRPJ-Series
 Software & Manuals
RMS Client Software V1.0.0.443 VMS Multi-Client Software V1.0.0.298 Mac Viewer V2.2.25
DVR Quick Guide
DVR User Manual HDD Calculator RMS User Manual VMS User Manual
16 Channel NVR Firmware V.039

Hybrid Extreme / HX-Series
 Software & Manuals
HX-Series Hybrid Server 64bit V2.4.2.0 HX-Series Hybrid CMS 64bit V2.4.2.0
HX-Series Hybrid CMS 32bit V2.4.2.0
Intel GPU Player V2.2.0.0 Non-Intel GPU Player V.
HX-Series Server Manual HX-Series CMS Manual

S-Series DVRT Software & Manuals

Server 2014 Client 2014 Multi-Client 2014
Drivers 2014 Server/Client Manual 2014
 Server/Client Manual 2011 Multi-Client Manual PDA Manual

Pro-Series DVRT Software & Manuals
Server 1.3.1 Server 1.2.2 Client Multi-Client (CTMS)
Decoder Time Server Watermark Utilities

Server Manual Muti-Client Manual

H.264 Embedded DVRT Software & Manuals

H1204 H1204D H1202408D
H2408D H24048016D H48016D
Client (V3.2) iPhone Manual  Android Manual

H.264 Embedded DVRT Firmware
 Firmware 1.7

MPEG-4 Embedded DVRT Software (Version2.2)
RTOS1204CD RTOS1202408CD RTOS12048016CD

MPEG-4 Embedded DVRT Software & Manuals (Version1.1)
RTOS1204 RTOS1204CD RTOS1202709CD RTOS12048016CD

XM-Series DVRT Software v3.0
 XM-Series Server XM-Series Client XM-Series Viewer

XM-Series DVRT Software v1.0 
XM-Series Client v1.0 XM-Series Manual v1.0


Technical Glossaries:.
Technical Glossaries provide definitions for terms and acronyms associated with the CCTV and networking industry.
CCTV Glossary
Network Glossary

Hard Drive Calculator: 
DVR HDD Calculator
The Hard Drive Calculator is used to determine the storage a system needs.

Wire Gauge and Voltage Loss Chart:
The Wire and Gauge Voltage Loss Chart is used to determine the correct wire gauge.
Wire Gauge and Voltage Loss Chart

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